Realize the Value of Your Data

Refactor Health’s AI-assisted data platform shortens the time and cost of data preparation and facilitates a common data model to drive collaboration, interoperability and agency of health care and life sciences data. [more]

Seamless Data Integration

Data standardization and expert oversight increase analytic efficiency and quality through a proprietary data platform that leverages AI and knowledge graphs for consistent, high quality data. [more]

Digital Signatures - Next Gen Insights

Our digital signatures are built to identify insights directly from real-world and clinical trial data. These multi-modal signatures more accurately identify disease, interventions, outcomes to accelerate operational improvements, cohort identification, and biospecimen classification.  [more]

Data + IT Operations = DataOps

An augmented data analytics platform to generate value from healthcare data

Augmented analytics for clinical trials and precision medicine

Realize the Value of Your Data

Real-time, standardized and integrated heathcare data that solves for the 80/20 problem of healthcare data. Combine with other healthcare data providers to allow for more extensive, comprehensive structured healthcare data pools leading to better outcomes. Do so with regulatory grade electronic data capture and digital data exchange with clinical sponsors (CFR compliance and pending FDA clearance). Have comfort in sharing this data on a blockchain-based governance platform that establishes organizational agency of your valuable data assets.

Improve clinical quality and increase operational efficiency

Faster Time to Insights

Refactor Health’s platform addresses the true limiting factors to enable an AI-assisted learning ecosystem for data discovery and advanced analytics at scale. Refactor Health offers an industry battle-tested, low cost, and scalable solution that reduces manual data preparation (expensive and error-prone) to provide early success and drive support for future projects, and vastly reduces the exorbitant project costs while solving for the lack of internal skilled and/or scarce manpower.

Augmented analytics for clinical trials and precision medicine

Seamless Data Integration

Healthcare data is complex. Managing it shouldn’t be. Patching together a hodgepodge basket of fragmented and incompatible data services tailored for individual use cases and datatypes is expensive and ineffective. Instead, store, manage, and analyze the entire ecosystem of your data with a single solution that is secure, scalable, and accessible. Integrate the EHR, NLP, imaging, genomics, real-time instrument feeds, patient reported outcomes, clinical trials, and more under one roof. Leverage open-source, interoperable data standards to reduce cognitive load and enable collaboration across multiple institutions. Take advantage of AI-powered tools to drive novel discoveries with rich, quality features.

Expert-Trained AI

Expert-trained AI approach to data mapping ensures high-quality data integration from all of your healthcare data sources and reduces the time needed for the data preparation lifecycle. Move from raw data to analysis-ready information faster and enable analysts and data scientists to take advantage of your data assets.

Open Data Standards

The Refactor Health platform is built with open standards to enable rapid adoption and peace of mind that your data will always be accessible. The use of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM) enable semantic and technical interoperability for your data.

Modern Data Architecture

The Refactor Health platform is built on a modern data architecture that allows for the integration of complex, real-time data into a high performance environment. Data can be integrated with traditional infrastructure, including major relational database vendors, or deployed within our managed analytics environment either on premise or in the cloud.

Get Integrated

The Refactor Health platform integrates your data assets and allows you to use your existing BI tools, build and deploy real-time AI applications and predictive models, and capture high-volume streaming data with internet of things (IoT) capabilities within a single environment.

Design Solutions

Design new solutions to meet your business needs and have vendors deploy analytic and predictive applications within the Refactor Health platform. No longer is there a need to build custom data feeds and individually validate data assets. The open standards approach mean no vendor lock in or lock out and our integrated governance tools let you see and manage how your data assets are used.

Realize Value

Instead of dedicating time, resources, and money to data preparation, focus on driving analytics and value from those data assets in the Refactor Health platform. Unlike many data platform vendors, Refactor Health does not own or control your data assets. We manage data preparation, but you maintain control and oversight of your data.

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